20th Anniversary Macintosh (1997)

Apple's Twentieth Anniversary Macintosh is a limited-edition personal computer that was released in 1997 in celebration of the company's 20th birthday. The MSRP was originally $7,499 USD. The Twentieth Anniversary Macintosh was introduced as 20th year celebration of Apple Computer, Inc. Apple turned 20 on April 1, 1996, but the TAM was only announced at MacWorld Expo, San Francisco on January 7, 1997, with a release date of March 20, 1997[2] and a retail price of US$7,499. In the mid-1990s Apple's own lineup (and that of most PC manufacturers), including their all-in-one PowerMacs, consisted largely of beige boxes. The TAM's design was different from personal computers of its day. Codenamed Spartacus (as well as Pomona, and Smoke and Mirrors) the TAM featured metallic green/gold paint, and was one of the first desktop based computers to use an LCD in its day, in an enclosure only 2.5" deep. Although its logic board was one of the only unique internal components, the exterior was designed to represent a state-of-the-art futuristic vision of where personal computing could go. (via Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Twentieth_Anniversary_Macintosh)