Macintosh PowerBook 190cs (1995)

The Power Macintosh 8500 (the 120 MHz model is also known as Power Macintosh 8515 in Europe and Japan) is a model of Macintosh personal computer designed, manufactured and sold by Apple Computer from 1995 until 1997. Billed as a high-end graphics computer, the Power Macintosh 8500 was the first Macintosh to ship with a replaceable daughtercard.[citation needed] Though slower than the 132 MHz Power Macintosh 9500, the first-generation 8500 featured several audio and video (S-Video and composite video) in/out ports not found in the 9500. In fact, the 8500 incorporated near-broadcast quality (640x480) A/V input and output and was the first personal computer to do so; unfortunately, no hard drive manufactured in 1997 could sustain the 18 MB/sec data rate required to capture video at that resolution. 

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