Macintosh PowerBook 145b (1993)

The PowerBook 145B was a laptop made by Apple Computer. The PowerBook 145B was the same as the PowerBook 140 and PowerBook 145 that came before it, but with a lower price and additional 2 MiB of RAM soldered to the motherboard. The only codename for this model is Pikes Peak. Unlike previous Mac models but like the Performas, the 145B did not ship with a full set of system disks. System 7.1 was preinstalled on the internal hard disk, and a single system start-up disk was included. The package also included two utilities that provide basic backup and restore functions. Unlike the 140 and 145, the 145B cannot run System 7.0.1 - it needs at least System 7.1. The 145 was superseded by the PowerBook 150 as the next low end PowerBook.

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