Macintosh IIfx (1989)

The Macintosh IIfx is a model of Apple Macintosh computer, introduced in 1990 and discontinued in 1992. At introduction it cost from US $9,000 to US $12,000, depending on configuration, and it was the fastest Mac available at the time. It had many code-names, including Stealth, Blackbird, F-16, F-19, Four Square, IIxi, Zone 5 and Weed-Whacker. Dubbed "Wicked Fast" by the Product Manager, Frank Casanova - who came to Apple from Apollo Computer in Boston, Massachusetts where the term "wicked" was commonly used to define anything extreme - the system ran at a clock rate of a then-impressive 40 megahertz, had 32 KB of Level 2 cache, six NuBus slots and included a number of proprietary ASICs and coprocessors designed to speed up the machine further. These required software written specifically for the IIfx to take advantage of them. The 40 MHz speed referred to the main logic board clock (the bus), the Motorola 68030 CPU, and the computer's Motorola 68882 FPU. The machine had eight RAM slots, for a maximum of 128 MB RAM, an enormous amount at the time.

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